Air Fryers: Health Cooking Made Easy

Losing weight isn’t easy. We’re bombarded every day by adverts promoting the latest weight loss product, exercise or system. When boiled down, weight loss is achieved by getting two things right:

Eat more health food and exercise more.

Simple when you look at it, but needs planning to make sure you stick to for long enough to see results.
Healthy cooking doesn’t mean having to it bland food. There are many delicious meals you can prepare both hot and cold to be a healthier eater.
Cooking with minimal oil is one way, and air fryers, like those reviewed here,, can be used to cook healthy and filling meals, without the excess fat.

If you’ve been used to having fried food cooking in a deep fat fryer or fried in a pan, then the good news is that air fryers allow you to cook great tasting fried food, but without the levels of saturated fat and calories found in other methods of frying food.
So as a dieter, that’s great news to know as one of the first barriers anyone trying to lose weight comes across, is what can they eat for meals.
Air fryers, or health fryers as they’re also known, are an inexpensive way of eating healthier food but with the same taste you like.

If you attend a weight loss class such as  or then they will often recommend cooking low fat meals and don’t be surprised if air frying the method used by most there to cook healthier meals.


If you already know someone who owns a low-fat fryer, ask them about what they think about them and what meals they prepare in them. If you’re feeling cheeky and notice that a friend’s low-fat cooker isn’t being used much, ask if you could borrow it as you’re thinking of buying one. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind!

Getting started with a new food intake regime is always going to have obstacles in the way, but it’s up to you to avoid the bumps in the road and steer yourself to a healthier lifestyle. And yes, I know there will be times when you just don’t feel like eating the more healthier option, but stick with it and in time, you’ll look back and thank yourself you stayed on track. Others will notice too, especially on social outings where you opt to have the side salad over the side of chips.
Moving to exercise, as that is the other part of the equation to losing weight. Regardless of your current level of fitness, it might be a good idea to get checked over by a doctor to give you the all clear to start exercising. Workouts can be started gradually, starting out with a simple walk around the block at first then building up from there. If you stay consistent, and exercise several times a week, your fitness will start to improve. Combined with the healthier eating, your waistline will start to reduce, and weight will come down.


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